LED Flashlight Pet Anti-Slip Dog Leash

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This leash features a built-in retractable flashlight to provide visibility and safety during nighttime outings with your furry companion. LED lights provide a bright and focused beam, illuminating your path and ensuring others can see you and your pet.

The handle is designed with ergonomics in mind, providing a comfortable grip for long walks and reducing stress on the hands and wrists. Its non-slip surface ensures a secure hold, even in wet or rainy conditions, giving you confidence and control when walking your pet.

Enhance your outdoor adventures with this versatile and practical dog accessory. Whether you're taking a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood or exploring a rugged trail, this LED flashlight pet leash is the perfect companion.

Material: ABS
Item Type: Dog Leash

Package Includes:
LED Flashlight Pet Anti-Slip Dog Leash * 1

Customer Reviews

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Derrick Wisoky

Good, good quality good material, it is not expensive to buy every year)

Kaleigh Keeling

Arrived quite quickly, on the same date as indicated, and the product worked well and is as it appears in the images, recommended😊

Anna Conroy

Great dog leash for night time. Love the colors and
my dog seems to like it also. I recommend trying it.

Cleta Little

Great for walking in the dark👍

Mable Jast

The shape/form of the leash housing and handle is unique but comfortable. The locking button I personally like, but my wife is not the biggest fan. We like the ribbon design of the tether and the touch sensitive side of the housing works pretty well, but don’t accidentally bump it again. The flashlight at the front is not super strong, but does light the way in front of you pretty well. The light rings on either side are nice and were the main reason I was attracted to this product. I feel my wife will be better seen walking around our dark neighborhood at night now. I like that the batteries are not internal and can be swapped. The construction is cheap plastic, but for $9, I am satisfied with its form, fit, and function (so far). The box did come crushed, so hopefully the vendor will do better to package for shipment a little more robustly. The product was not damaged. The leash works well for our little dog, but I don’t think it could be used for any dog much larger than a toy breed

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